Sean Knoll

Most recently, Sean was a managing partner (President) of Artisanal Imports. His career began in 1993 as a street sales representative and has included time with Miller Brewing Company and as National Sales Manager for Manneken-Brussels Imports (2001-2006). Founding Paragon Beverage Marketing in 1996, Sean’s extensive experience includes all segments of the beverage industry: beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic. He understands the nuanced nature of the industry and has a valuable perspective on all its facets, from product concept and development to direct consumer sale.

Lanny Hoff

Lanny’s career began in 1994 as National Sales Manager for All Saint’s Brands, a specialty importer and distributor. Most recently he was Co-Founder and Senior Vice-President of Artisanal Imports (2001-2019) where he was responsible for communications, producer relations, sales and marketing, project development, forecasting and planning. Career highlights include being recognized as a Belgian Beer Knight for service to Belgian beer; building Iron Maiden’s Trooper beer; and introducing the US to Rush Golden Ale.