How Does It Work?

The concept is elegant and simple. We work with craft brewers, cider makers, and beverage creators and carefully curate a list of best-selling and notable brands. We focus on the brands that have the spark to stand out on crowded shelves and the quality to demand attention on draft.

We offer these brands in controlled releases, every 90 days or so. The selections change every round. While we won’t say that we’ll never offer the same beer twice, it is our intention to keep it FRESH.

Our Supplier Members provide us with the necessary selling tools: sales materials, training, awards, samples if possible, graphics, social media links—everything.

With this information in hand, Distributors go out and pre-sell to their most motivated and dynamic retailers. You know the retailers, they are the ones who post photos of new releases or regularly update their draft lists.

Following the pre-order phase, our Distributors place their purchase orders and we kick into action to have everything produced. When the product is ready, it is shipped as quickly as possible. Our goal, always, is to provide fresh new beers for our Distributor and Retailer members.

Consumers seek new experiences and flavors. We know they will find them OFF-TRAIL!


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  1. Chad Neumann

    I would enjoy hearing more about this to see if we can work on growing it together. Feel free to email me or message me through FB. Cheers and best of luck in your new venture.

    1. Lanny

      Chad, let’s be in touch! I’ll reach out to set up a lunch date.

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